Residential Window Cleaning

All our residential customers are serviced on the outside either monthly or quarterly. we have serviced many of our customers for more than 20 years. We just show up and do the windows and leave an invoice. We always take of the screens and put them back after we are done. Due to Workmans Comp we no longer walk on tile roofs and we don’t use ladders to reach the 2nd story. We can reach 2nd story windows from the ground with our telescopic poles but we will not climb on a ladder to take screens off to reach the glass behind it. So if you have a 2 story home it most likely means we can’t service you. We carry Workmans Comp but it would be prohibitively expensive if we did ladder work. For us it is not worth the risk, one accident will put us out of business.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We do many commercial buildings. All of them without ladders

Solar Panel Cleaning

Since the equipment needed for Solar Panel Cleaning is the same as window cleaning it was an easy add on. We clean both  commercial and residential solar panels.Since we can walk on commercial roofs but we are no longer willing to walk on tile roofs we can’t service solar panels on 2 story homes. 

 We use a weighted brush,  specially designed for solar panels that has a rinse bar on and bottom.The brush is attached to a telescopic pole witch is important on homes. Every panel gets washed and rinsed twice. When the job is done your solar panels look like new and they generate their maximum output.  You’ll be surprised how much generating ability you have lost with all the dust laying on the glass.   

Cleaning Solar Panels with Extended Pole Brush

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